"Music isn’t about a social projection of your personality, it’s about celebrating it with everyone." » Matty Healy.

this is one of my personal favorite banksy pieces 

I’m feeling the baby pink
You will get your heart broken. It will hurt. A lot. You will piece it back together and it will get shattered again. And again. And again. And it will hurt every time. Your heart will break over things that have nothing to do with significant others. You will have your heart broken when you don’t get the job you really wanted. You will have your heart broken when your parents get sick and you can’t fly home to see them. You will have your heart broken when your best friend moves away. But every time you do, that feeling is a reminder that you cared about something and you took a risk and you put yourself on the line and, most importantly, that you’re alive.

20 Things I’d Wish I’d Known at 20 (via quotethat)



Literally my favorite photo ever, I think this is Brazil maybe Rio and it looks so warm despite the sun setting and it looks like a humid night and these friends live so close to the ocean and they just plunged into the warm sea…. one day soon.